News / Culture

Boing Boing: Internet culture blog
Center for Inquiry: Skeptical news and commentary
Freakonomics: Levitt & Dubner
Information Is Beautiful: Data visualization
Lifehacker: Productivity tips and tools
MAKE Magazine: Maker news / tools from O'Reilly
Overcoming Bias: Robin Hanson, et. al
Rogues' Gallery: Science and skepticism
Scientific American: Online science magazine
Slashdot: Geek / free software news
SWIFT: James Randi Educational Foundation blog
Wonders & Marvels: Curious bits of history
Wordnik: Language and lexicography


Cyanide & Happiness: Geek / hipster comic from explosm.
FAIL Blog: Geeky but low-brow humor from cheezburger network
Improbable Research: Home of the Ig Nobel Prize
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Geek / science comic by Zach Weiner
xkcd: Geek / science comic by Randall Munroe


Contrary Brin: David Brin
Craphound: Cory Doctorow
GRC: Steve Gibson
Pharyngula: PZ Myers
Neurologica: Steven Novella
Nina Paley
Bad Astronomy: Phil Plait
Schneier on Security: Bruce Schneier
Quirky mind stuff: Richard Weisman
Less Wrong: Eliezer Yudkowski


Google Scholar: Index of scholarly papers
Google Book Search: Digitized books going back centuries
Scirus: Scientific papers, courseware, patents
PLOS: Public Library of Science
Snopes: Information on urban legends and memes
PubMed: Medical studies