Why is prostitution illegal?

Many of you may have heard by now that my friend and WSOP champion Greg Raymer was arrested after setting up a date with a prostitute that turned out to be an undercover cop. But that isn't the real news story. Frankly, I think “Overweight wealthy man hires hooker” is about as newsworthy as “Teenager caught drinking beer”. Yes, they're both illegal, but I really don't have a problem with either if they're done responsibly—and they can be. What I do have a problem with, and what really should be the story here, is that the government of North Carolina thought it was a good idea to spend taxpayer money to catch two consenting adults doing something in private that they have every right to do.

We own our bodies. A woman (or man) has a right to have sex. And a right to charge for services. But for some reason, our backward society takes issue with doing those things together. It is true that other kinds of crime often surround prostitution, but prosecuting it for those reasons makes no more sense than jailing the friends and family of a criminal instead of the criminal. San Francisco recently busted a gang caught smuggling women from Asia to work as forced prostitutes, and that's great—not because they cut down on prostitution, but because they cut down on fucking slavery. I am also happy when the police grab an abusive pimp or a hooker who robs her customers. But laws against prostitution itself actually make catching these crimes harder, because it forces prostitutes and customers to work outside the law and not report such crimes.

It is no accident that prostitutes in places like Nevada and Amsterdam do not suffer from crime, disease, or abuse. Where it is legal and regulated, it is safe and actually reduces crimes like rape and spousal abuse.

If a woman freely chooses to charge money for sex, and a man freely chooses to hire her, and they do so safely, that's their own business. The man's wife might have an issue with it, or she might not. That's her business. What I'm quite sure of is that it's none of my business, and none of my government's. What is my business is how my government spends my money, and I for one don't want them wasting it on sting operations for non-crimes.