Blog posts, chronologically

Free software: Why I use and support free software.
Richer than Croesus: You and I are in fact Richer than Croesus.
What were the odds of that?: An essay on probability.
Emotion and reason: Musings on poker and politics.
Moral realism: A response to Dr. Steven Novella.
The value of prejudice: Notes on cognitive bias.
Transparency and privacy: Update to a talk I gave in 2001.
Sunk costs: Avoiding irrational attachments.
Copyright introduction: Intro to my book-in-progress.
Show me the mouse: Science and confirmation bias.
Predictably Irrational: A review of Dan Ariely's book
Prisoner's Dilemma: A short explanation of the important concept.
How many poker hands are there?: A note about equivalence classes.
Why is prostitution illegal?: A minor rant about liberty.
Why Python?: The language you use matters, in programming as in life.
What is randomness?: The math and philosophy of the unpredictable.
Representing playing cards in software: Coding with cards.
Who owns culture?: A minor rant about GIF and other things.
Vaccines and bad reasoning: How to think about vaccination choices.
Ugly boots: Clothes make the man--or at least a first impression.